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Privacy Policy

Limitations of liability

1. Content of the web offer

The author does not guarantee that the online information is updated, complete and does not guarantee their quality. The responsibility of the author can not be researched because of material or immaterial damages which occurred during the use or even when not using the information given on the website, especially because of the use of false, or incomplete information. However, the author can be responsible if he committed a serious fault, if he acted with negligence or voluntarily badly. The offers presented on the website are free and don’t bind the parties (the author and the website visitor). The author has the possibility at any time to modify, to complete or even to delete a part or the whole website, without prior information. Thus, for a short period or definitively, the author has the possibility to put his website offline.

2. Back links and links

When there are direct or indirect back links or links leading towards foreign websites (« Hyperlinks »), which are not of the author’s liability, the author could only be responsible if he knew the content of these links and if he had the technical possibility and if this was reasonable, to prevent the use of these illegal links. The author guarantees that when he put in place these links on his website, there were no links pointing or leading towards an illegal foreign website.

The author also guarantees that he does not have any particular leverage regarding the current or future creation, content, or also on the copyright of the linked pages or the web pages to which the back links lead. That is the reason why the author withdraws his responsibility relative to the content of these linked pages or regarding the content of the web pages to which the back links lead, which have been changed since the first put in place of these links on the author’s website. This limitation of liability concerns all the links and hyper links which are on the author’s website, as well as the comments posted by visitors in the visitor’s books, forums or also mailing lists.

Regarding the liability due to illegal, false and incomplete contents, and more specifically for the damages caused by the use or even not by using information given by the links and hyper links leading to foreign websites, only the author of the foreign web page, and not the author of the website which contents links leading to this foreign website, is liable.

3. Intellectual property rights

The author has to verify that the intellectual property rights are respected on all the graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts put online. The author has to use graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts he created by himself, or free from any utilisation licence. All the brands or brand names, or designs presented on the website, as such part of the web offer, as for instance the registered brands or designs, must be protected and are protected according to the intellectual property rights applicable to them. The fact to mention these brands and designs on the website does not mean that these are not registered and that the intellectual property rights are not applicable to them! The copyright regarding the products presented on the website stay the unique property of the author of the web pages. The reproduction or use of these graphics, sound documents, video sequences or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not authorised without a prior approval by the author.

4. Data protection

The website gives the opportunity to the visitors to enter personal or business data (email addresses, names, postal information), the price of these data is freely decided by the visitor.
The use and the payment of the offered services is, if technically possible and reasonable, also possible even of the visitor does not transmit his personal data, for instance he can use anonymous data, or even a pseudonym.
The general terms and conditions of this website don’t allow to use the personal data of the visitors as their postal information, phone and fax number, as well as their emails addresses to pass them on foreign persons, if these information are not obligatory information demanded by the author. Legal proceedings will be taken against persons violating the author’s policy regarding data protection, especially the persons sending spams emails.

5. Legal effects of these limitations of liability

These limitations of liability are part of the website, from which a link lead you to these terms and conditions regarding data protection. If a part or some statements of these general terms and conditions relating to data protection were not anymore in compliance with the applicable laws, these statements would be invalid, but the other clauses and statements will stay in effect and remain valid.